The Media’s food paranoia Hype Machine is ON

The World Health Organization now says “Processed meats cause cancer” – Facebook statuses erupt and millions of pieces of Bacon Merchandise are instantly tossed in the trash. Tragedy. But we’ve all heard this before, right? It seems like everything causes cancer. So my inbox fills up with friends and family asking if this latest bit of paranoia is legitimate. Here’s … More The Media’s food paranoia Hype Machine is ON

One nutrition source you should NEVER read

“40 Excellent Fat Burning Foods” “10 Foods to NEVER Eat” “The 31 Healthiest Foods of All Time” When you ask the Internet for “magic foods for weight loss,” it gladly obliges. Even if you disregard any advice from Dr. Oz, the quick fixes are all over the place: ginger, parsley, peppermint, pineapple, yogurt, and soup … More One nutrition source you should NEVER read

STAT Concept – Caloric Density

It’s easy to lose sight of what makes a food truly healthy with so many wild claims floating around these days. While some claims make sense (like “high-protein”), some are getting downright zany… are your foods “shaman-blessed”?? At Statfoods, we promote an important concept when it comes to weight-loss and your overall health: CALORIC DENSITY. Let … More STAT Concept – Caloric Density

Flexible Dieting

Sugar-free. Dairy-free. Grain-free. Unprocessed. Nowadays we’re quick to label and demonize the “bad” elements of foods and cast them away forever. Superfood. Organic. Grass-fed. Antioxidant packed. On the other hand, we cheer others and put them on a pedestal. At Statfoods, we don’t believe that any one food is good or evil (and we think it’s a … More Flexible Dieting

Origin Story

My weight loss and health journey has been a winding one. Like so many other dieters, I found my scale weight bouncing up and down over the years, never able to stick to a successful regimen. Low carb, slow carb, restrictive, natural… the list of failed efforts goes on. Such off-the-wall advice I used to follow: ‘make … More Origin Story