STAT Concept – Caloric Density

It’s easy to lose sight of what makes a food truly healthy with so many wild claims floating around these days. While some claims make sense (like “high-protein”), some are getting downright zany… are your foods “shaman-blessed”??

Shaman pictured casting a
Shaman pictured casting a “healthy” spell

At Statfoods, we promote an important concept when it comes to weight-loss and your overall health: CALORIC DENSITY.

Let us break it down for you:

Some foods contain more calories by weight than others. For example, 100g of whole wheat bread contains 250 calories (often considered “healthier”), while an apple contains only 50 calories for the exact same weight.

The apple is a great example of a food with LOW caloric density while the bread has HIGH caloric density. In this case, low is good because it is very filling and high is bad because it’ll leave you craving more. This website has awesome visuals to help demonstrate this concept.

A quick rule of thumb: the higher the Protein, Fiber, and Water content of a food, the better it is from a caloric density concept.

This is why we make Statfoods! We strive to make the low caloric density foods absolutely delicious – so you can enjoy them in your diet.

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